About Sucking and Blowing…

It seems I’ve been taken for a special ed retard. Just so you know, That’s not the case. My IQ is actually 165. IQ tells how fast you learn. Yes, I saw a child psychologist when I was nine years old. IQ never changes. Most people have around 115-125. Most people don’t know their score. I know mine because in order to be placed in the GT (gifted and talented) Program in my elementary school at the time, they needed that information.

My biggest downfall, is probably the fact that I take insults on my intellect very personally. It is terribly bothersome to me. I like proving how smart I am. I take pride in knowing that I can kick ass at any academic thing I want.

The reason I wrote “What Sucks and Blows” is because I needed to vent. I felt like I was being taught to read without knowing the alphabet first. My high school did not teach us much about computers at all. What I do know about computers was self-taught. It’s not nearly enough. That’s why I am so frustrated.

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What Sucks and Blows

What Sucks and Blows

I really hate how this class is going for me. I’ve never had this much trouble catching on to anything. I hate feeling like I need the teacher to hold my hand. It’s a fundamentals class and I feel like it’s too advanced for me. I don’t know half the shit I think I should know. I’m so frustrated I want to tear my hair out and scream.

I always had it really easy in school until now. I always had easy A’s in every class. I couldn’t stand people who act like high school is hard. High school is a breeze compared to this. It just really blows my mind how much trouble I’m having. This class is the only one I’m failing. I expect to continue to fail. I was too far behind from the start. Sometimes I just want to go in the hallway and cry. This is really overwhelming for me. My blood pressure stays high because of this one class and what I don’t know. I wish I could have a cigarette and some vodka in class to calm me down.

This is a very depressing and disappointing time in my life. All I thought I would learn in this class, is all I shouldv’e already known. I feel hopeless and devastated. Now I have to prepare for inevitable failure for the first time ever. Color me sad and afraid.

My sources: My own personal experience, My grade; Check me out at http://www.myspace.com/sbcraig

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Interactive Media and Web 2.0

Interactive Media is cool stuff like video games. It’s video game consoles, computers or computer-based systems that respond to the user. Web 2.0 is to help in developing the world wide web.

Web 2.0 adds the simplicity to web design. It is a term that also can be used to describe resurgence in the web economy, a new level of interactivity between websites, interactivity with services found on the web, new ways to meet people and make friends and keep up with old friends through social networks like MySpace and FaceBook. To me, Web 2.0 will make web design easier for me because it makes it simple. Intuit.com is an example of something like web 2.0. Intuit makes it easy for people to make their own website.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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